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Try even more of the city and the nearby countryside and nature

In addition to offering our daily tours, Sofia Green Tour has the guides you’re looking for.
There are plenty of things to do around Sofia – explore nearby mountains, learn more about the city history and culture, go on a country side bike tour. And our guides are there for you. The tour can be tailored for your needs and desires, but still we an provide you with some options.
Those tour are paid and their price may depend on the number of people doing it or it can be fixed. For more detailed information.

If you want to do one of our regular tours (FREE BIKE TOUR OR FREE HIKE TOUR) out of their regular time and period it will be considered a private tour, so please write us for more information!

Here are some suggestions for tours that can be done for you:
1. A trip to Lozen mountain (around 5-7 hours with transportation) – one of the other mountains nearby Sofia, which keep a monastery in its slopes.
2. A hike to Kamen del peak (around 5-6 hours) – a hike from Boyana, including the Boyana church, that will give you the chance to have the best panoramic view above the city.

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Sofia Green Tour is an NGO project of the Eco-oriented Factor foundation. Our aim is to popularise an active way of living amongst travellers as well as locals.All of our  free tour guides are volunteers. By participating in our organised tours and events you support our cause and help us create a more eco-friendly living environment. You can also support us by liking our facebook page or posting a review on trip advisor. Enjoy your stay in Bulgaria!