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You may already know that Sofia has pretty long history that can be easily traced up to the Prehistoric times. But do you know what were the people then believing in, what were their gods and understanding of the world around them? Or how this went on in the centuries of history so it made Sofia the mixture of cultures and religions that it is today?

If you want to know more about and to feel a bit like Indiana Jones (in his studies not adventures) here is a bit what we are going to talk about:
– Abraham Monotheistic religions in Bulgaria
– When we became Christians and who are some of our famous saints
– The Greek mythology in Sofia, the religion of the Thracian tribes, the pagan beliefs of the Bulgarians
– The Islam and Judaism in Sofia and how their cultures affected the city
– The communism and how it neglected the religions in Bulgaria
– The contemporary green ideas of Bulgarians

The tour will take you on a route around Temple Cathedral Al. Nevski, Bulgarian Patriarchy Hall, The Russian church, Archeological museum, Roman Rotunda St. George, Banya Bashi Mosque, The Synagogue.
(if you want to enter the Archeological museum and the Synagogue there is an entrance fee).

The tour is for a group of 2 to 10 people.
The length of the tour is around 3 hours.
Starts 9:15 in front of Temple Cathedral Al. Nevski
Ends 12:15 in front of the Synagogue

120BGN per group of 4 (without the entrance fees)
30BGN per person for a group bigger than 4

Entrance Fee for the Archeological Museum – 10 leva/person
Entrance fee for the Synagogue – 2 leva/person

Sofia is full of art

Our history goes back more than 18 centuries and all of the different periods have left some artefacts around us. If you are curious to explore the city as a cultural phenomenon, you can join this tour to learn more about local literature, music, dances and fine arts.

We will visit:

– A gallery (with an exhibition of Bulgarian painters)
– The newest library in town, created for the purpose of popularizing the Cyrillic alphabet
– A hidden bar for local artists
– The National Palace of culture and its book cafe.

The tour can be done walking or cycling*.

Available for all group sizes. Price depends on the group size, the ticket for the gallery is included.

Length of the tour – 3 hours.

Reservations are via e-mail are required!

Price: 40BGN (20EUR) per person (minimum of 2 people)

*In case you would like to do the tour on a bike, there is a fee for a bike per person.

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