Our Team

Vyacheslav Stoyanov

The Founder.

Georgi Bozhinov

I am just a nature enthusiast (and a full-time mountain guide) – I spend most of my time in the mountains – be it snowboarding, mountain biking, trekking or rock climbing. But the most exciting part for me is not in any sport activity – it’s in exploring the connection between people and nature – a connection that everyone has in one way or another – no matter their age, sex or nationality. Come and join me for a walk on the wild side 🙂


Hello there! My name is Kiwi and I’m ready to share my knowledge and love about Bulgarian and lovely Sofia with you. I like to call myself a traveler so I think my tips are going to be useful. Join the green tour.


Hi everyone, I am Mira. I think that we can share one passion – that’s traveling. I am glad to be part of Sofia Green Tour, because I can show the great traditions of Bulgarian nation, the spirit of growing Sofia, and one little part of really amazing Bulgarian nature.
“It is like a voyages of discovery into unknown lands seeking not for new territory but for new knowledge.It should appeal to those with a good sense of adventure.”
/Frederick Sanger /
Every time I am so excited to meet you for another green tour adventure!

George Marinkev

I am a licensed tour guide who is always looking forward to show the beauty of Bulgaria to everyone interested in the different approach. I can share with you my knowledge about our great history, traditions and culture. Our lovely country has a lot to offer to those who want to experience untouched nature and history of thousands years.


I am Mira and I am a hike and bike tour guide. I am very interested in the history of Sofia and local
culture and will be happy to tell you all about our city.


Actively involved with outdoor activities and loving my city, I came here to share the beauty of the city and the surrounding countryside.
My hobby is caving, climbing, long hikes and biking and whatever it is congested traffic in Sofia, to find small places with its tranquility and uniqueness.
I have experience of years walking in the nearby mountains of Sofia, over 13 years speleologist activities, member of the Cave Rescue team, Outward Bound Bulgaria instructor more that 7 years, took part in many courses and workshops for children and adults.

Nadia Yanakieva

Mountain guide, geologist and polar researcher, traveler and adventurer. With
mountain experience in and out of Bulgaria. Involved in the outdoor activities like
trekking, rock climbing, biking, caving and kayaking during the whole year. Organizer
of adventure camps for children and of the first winter outdoor school – “Academy for
young polar researchers”. If you’re interested in the stories of the mountains, the wild
nature and the Bulgarian culture – welcome on a tour with me in the rainy and sunny


Meeting travelers = learning new things every day, including facts about your own country. A tour is not a lecture, it’s a process of mutual enrichment, especially if you can handle my politically incorrect humour and historical jabber.
Basically if I’m not doing tours, writing, or teaching, I’d be biking, hitchhiking or hiking in not the cleverest of ways.


Hi there:) , I’m Kostadin and I am really passionate about outdoor adventures, travelling, meeting new people and exloring new cultures. I prefer the panoramic view of Sofia, so you are welcome to join me for a hike:)

Stefan Kasev

Hi, my name is Stefan and of course you can see that I’ve forgotten to tie my hair!
Anyway, I love nature, hiking and meeting the people, who join my tours! And I believe that sometimes the most interesting thing is just behind the corner… And trust me each tour is unique, so in a way you all make history


Hello earthlings, I’m Asen and I like nature and outdoor adventures. Keep it real and I’ll see you on the afternoon Sofia bike ride!