Sofia Green Tour – now even safer with Sopharma!

Sofia Green Tour is always aiming for the safety of our guests. Because that is one key element for them to enjoy our adventurous tours. We provide helmets for the bikes and take the safest roads or hike trails. And yet we want to be active and not afraid to discover the city and the world itself
But of course we try to raise the bar of safety each year and improve ourselves. And that is why we are happy that Sopharma PLC became our friends and partners.
Sopharma PLC is leading pharmaceutical company in Bulgaria and this year they have the goal to make people more healthy and aware of their health through many events and activities, emphasizing on active way of living. That is why they made the appZdravi (which means healthy in Bulgarian) – an app that will give you one healthy advice each day!
They also made the #sopharmabike , which is about all the bike activities you can do in Sofia or around the capital.
But now, for us and our aim to have even more safety, Sopharma provided us with compact first aid kits, so our guides can be even more prepared and provide great service. Those kits made their first travels during the tours around Sofia Holy forest for the Day of Sofia!
Beside that there will be available kits for our guests, who want to take bikes from Sofia Bike Rental for themselves for longer periods.
So lets be healthy, active and safe with the help of Sopharma!

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